Dear Diary: Icicle Creek Lodge Venting


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Dear Diary,

Here I am solving another mystery at Icicle Creek Lodge.  I know I haven’t written in a while but I have been super busy.  So far I’ve cooked all the meals, shoveled ice off the skating pond, got bombarded by snowballs, cleaned rooms, got caught in an avalanche, got rescued by a wolf, and that was just the first day.


The second day I had to go ice fishing, to please one of the guests, who think I’m the maid and the cook.  Apparently so does the owner of the lodge, Chantal.   Chantal asked me to come here and solve the mystery of who was sabotaging the lodge.  Then she turns around an hires (i .e. she’s paying him) Tino Balducci.  You can probably tell that Tino is not my favorite person…ok he’s one of my not so favorite people.

Anyway I went ice fishing caught the fish I needed, after I caught boots, cans and had a sturgeon bite my line.   Then I opened the door, and wham, knocked out by an ice ball.  Then boom, loud explosion, no lake and no coat.


To make a long story short I had to jump from ice flow to ice flow to get to shore, where there was a jacket, the wolf had left there for me.  Then I had to take the long way around to get back to the lodge.  When I got there Ollie (the caretaker) told me to pick up the phone.  It was Chantal telling me that it was my job to cook lunch, and that I should go sit in the kitchen until dinner so I don’t forget again.

Um, Chantal,  First you said to keep the guest happy.  I was doing that.  Second, I nearly got blown up, when someone blew up the ice fishing shack.  Third I nearly froze to death trying to get off the pond…….Oooh I’m so mad right now

Snowed in at Icicle Creek Lodge


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Aaahhh!! I finally gave in an started playing “White Wolf of Icicle Creek.” I try to wait until the weather gets cold or a little chilly before I play this game.  But then I remember that I live in the South, where we’re “lucky” to get any snow at all.  Some times the weather is so warm at Christmas time that I wonder if I some how magically moved to Australia and didn’t know it.  (Break out the Vegemite and the Tim Tams..)  Oh well back to Icicle Creek Lodge.


While I hate playing fox and geese and doing all the cooking/cleaning/chores that Nancy has to do, I would love to some how visit the lodge for real and just explore it.   I know I’m not the only Nancy Drew game player, who hates it when there are certain areas that no matter what you do you can’t explore.


Oh is it just me, or does anyone else think the “pine cones” look strange in this game?


While you can’t visit the Icicle Creek Lodge in the game you can visit the real Icicle Creek Lodge.  It’s  not located in British Columbia, Canada, but in the USA. Here is the link to the website.

L O L Review


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I finished Labyrinth of Lies a few days ago.  My general overall impression is that it’s ok.  Nothing seemed to jump out at me to make it into my favorites category (games I want to play over and over).  But it wasn’t a game that I probably won’t play again.  I liked the Ancient Greek history and culture part of it and that it was in Greece.  I also liked the Greek play part and the underground world, was very cool.  There really wasn’t anything I disliked about the game.  The story line was better than the previous games, more believable.  I felt this game was a flashback to some of the earlier games but with better graphics.

Oct 17/18 1960s Double Take


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Oct 17/18 1960s Double Take

Party shirt

H M ruffle blouse
$48 –

Frame Denim high rise jeans
$370 –

House of Harlow 1960 shoes
$52 –

White gladiator sandals
$42 –

Vintage plastic purse

ALDO brown purse

Daisy brooch
$185 –

Flower crown

Pink lips makeup
$6.43 –

Colored dinnerware

Labryinth of Lies (so far)


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I’m still playing Labyrinth of Lies, but so far my thoughts on it are.   The underworld part is pretty cool, (especially the fire room). and it’s a new element of the game.  I like the “costumes” the characters are wearing.  There is a lot of information about Ancient Greece in the game.  There are some new types of puzzles to figure out.

LOL  also reminds me of several of the older Nancy Drew Games.

1) Secret of the Scarlet Hand:  Both take place in a museum.  However LOL makes more sense to me that SSH, because unlike the latter, which takes place in a Washington D.C. museum that specializes in Mayan artifacts,  the museum in LOL is a Ancient Greek museum that is in Greece.

2) The Final Scene:  Nancy is sort of stuck there.  She can’t leave, and travel to other places.

3) Tomb of the Lost Queen:  Ancient artifacts except this LOL is about Greek ones and not Egyptian.  And there is that weight puzzle too.

Oct 15: Detective a la Nancy Drew


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Oct 15: Detective a la Nancy Drew

Rag bone top

MANGO red skirt
$48 –

Handmade jewelry

Church hat

Leather glove

Red lipstick
$6.35 –

NARS Cosmetics nail polish
$24 –

ND Labyrinth of Lies


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ND Labyrinth of Lies

Liberty studded purse
$795 –

Kate Spade earrings

Eos lip treatment

Wall art

Deadly Game of Cat and Gummy Bears


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One of my new favorite shows is Gotham, the story of Gotham City before the Bat shows up.  Most of the familiar characters are there, a pre-batman Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, currently just a police detective, and of course the soon to be villains, Penguin, Riddler, Poision Ivy and Catwoman to name a few.

However in this series Selina aka Cat, isn’t wearing any of her “cat” accessories.  In fact she reminds me more of Ryan in “The Deadly Device” than the classic Catwoman at least in looks.  Maybe it’s the goggles.

catwoman ded_wallpaper9

Happy Birthday #1 Nancy Drew Game Inspired Set


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Happy Birthday #1 Nancy Drew Game Inspired Set

9/29 Birthday Set: ND Inspired


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9/29 Birthday Set: ND Inspired

Joules cable knit sweater
$115 –

Lands End skirt

Armani Jeans zip tote bag
$285 –

ONLY logo beanie
$13 –

NYX black mascara
$33 –


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