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Last night I was at my local Walmart when I spotted Canadian Bacon, and before I knew it, I was picking up some western egg beaters (western so I didn’t have to add anything) and planning on cooking the breakfast Nancy has to cook for everyone in “White Wolf”.  I didn’t do the french toast, simply because it was late.   I have noticed one thing about cooking french toast in real life vs the game.  In real life it takes a lot longer to cook.   That is one of my pet peeves about that game.  I’m terrified of burning the french toast, which starts a fire, which leads to a “mistake” and end game/second chance.  

Anyway the best part of cooking this meal is that I didn’t have to put paprika on everything for Tino’s survey.   Actually I’ve played White Wolf so many times that I no longer go around asking questions, I just fill it in and send it back.