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I found out that Minette is addicted to computer games.  She’s obsessed with getting the highest score on one particular game.  I found this out when I returned with the stuff she wanted.  Heather suggested that I play the game, because Minette wouldn’t know she wasn’t playing anyway.  The problem was the game had a password and id.  Well that and Heather was still sitting in the chair.  So I decided to go do some of my other “jobs”.

I took the metro to pick up some photos from this photographer who’s name I can barely pronounce let alone spell.   Only to find out that the pictures were taken with film, which needed to be developed.  Can you guess who ended up developing them?   That’s right good old Nancy Drew.   Seriously I don’t see why people that it’s so hard or dangerous, all I did was flush the toilet ten times and they were done.

After that I took the metro to a Cafe to meet  Jean Michel, I’m not even going to begin to spell his last name.  We talked and he bought me lunch.  I had the chicken dumplings and green beans.  Of course I had no idea what I was getting when I ordered. 

More later