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This morning I went straight to the park to buy the rest of the “stuff” for Minette.   The venors have some very interesting,  well stuff.   One of the vendors had a blue arm that he said came from an amusement park, and was involved in a recent mystery.  I just smiled and politely and didn’t  say anything, even though I knew more details about that mystery than he ever would. Anyway, I got the new items and took them to Minette’s.  She liked them, well she said they were rude.  

Now I have to go design an outfit for Prudence Rutherford, because  Minette is on a deadline and Heather can’t for some reason I can’t remember.  Anyway Prudence is a very interesting person.  We’ve never officially met, not in person, but we’ve talked on the phone a lot.   So now I must tackle the task of designing of her outfits.  Something tells me, to throw the no white after Labor Day rule out the window….