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I don’t get the fashion world.  Furry shoes in the summer time, bunny mask and ears on a cruise,!?!  Anyway after finishing the “designs”, I had nothing to do, well nothing to do for all about 10 seconds.  Minette started demanding Ji and Heather sent me to get her.  Unfortunately Ji was in the middle of her cookie baking marathon and would leave.  She finally agreed when I told her I’d bake them for her, but not before she told me that she would set one food in the moulin until the cookies were done.  

I’ve made cookies before, but these were different,  they contain fresh mint.  The problem was that there happened to be a shortage of fresh mint.  I ended up going to the cafe and ordering ice cream. Yes I felt a little bit guilty, but it was the only way I could think of, of finding some mint.

Back at the apartment I started to cook, only to find out that I was out of brown sugar.   Fortunately I remembered the simple trick of adding molasses to white sugar, and fortunately Ji had  molasses.   

The cookies turned out beautiful.  The edges turn up when baking, something to do with the fresh mint.  That’ was how Ji knew I had done it right.  She called the second I finished.

Right now I really have nothing to do, so I’m taking advantage of  Heather being out of the office, and Minette being occupied with Ji, to try to get into the Dodo box. Minette has received some strange messages and phone calls.