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This has been an interesting day.  This morning I went to the park to buy a blue parrot for Heather (turns out it was for Minette).  When I went to the moulin to give it to her she wasn’t there and Minette was running out of her office screaming.  Needless to say, I spend the next hour or so, capturing cockroaches, and putting them in a candy box.  Well that and snooping.  Minette sent me to the park, to  let them go.  Why? I have no idea.  

While at the park I saw Dietrich, when I waved at him he walked off.  But he left behind a news article about a woman named Noisette Tornade. and this clock thing.  Noisette was the name of the woman someone keeps calling  Minette about.

I looked around the park at the vendors, one man had a WW2 decoder, which he said I could have for free if I bring him a bottle of some kind of wine, at least I think it is wine.  The problem is it’s a very rare vintage.   

I did however buy a wet suit from the man. Why?  Well just call it women’s intuition.  

After the park I went to return Dietrich’s things to him.  I found him in the dark room, developing photos. (Hey D man, flush the toilet 10 times, It’s a lot faster!.)  He didn’t want either item and told me that  the clock thing fit a hole in the wall.  Sigh!! I spent the next hour going cuckoo cuckoo, but it was worth it.   I found Noisette’s journal and a secret code.  Now all I have to do is find that bottle of wine and get that decoder.   But that’s for tomorrow.