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Greetings from somewhere in the Canadian Rockies.  I’m staying at the Icicle Creek lodge, and I must admit I’m having a much better time (in spite of the freezing temperatures) than I did last time. Last time I was here I wasn’t on a vacation, I was well let me start at the beginning.

Chantal Monique the owner of the lodge, phoned me to ask if I could help her with a problem.  Strange things were happening and to add insult to injury a lone white wolf I started hanging around.  So you know me, I can’t pass up a good mystery or a free trip, so I packed my suitcase and headed to Canada.

When I arrived Ollie the resident Handy man picked me up from the airport.  As we drove to the lodge, we chatted, well I guess you could call it that.,  Ollie didn’t say much, but he did tell me about his daughter, Freddie, who I most definitely met later.  As we approached the lodge, we heard the wolf howl, followed by a loud explosion…..This mystery was off to a bang, no pun intended.