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The next morning after we ate what Ollie called breakfast, we called Chantal, who was away talking to her lawyers and insurance people.  The explosion was the bunk house being blown up.  Thankfully no one was in it.  It was a blessing in disguise that Becky and Sybil had quit.  

Chantal begged me to find out what was going on.  I was already having my suspisions that something wasn’t right.  My idea was to be her new maid, so I could snoop, but not make it seem as if I was snooping, which I was.  Chantal liked the idea very much, maybe a little too much,  she made me her new cook.  (Ok, after eating Ollie’s breakfast, I could hardly blame her.)  

I had just gotten over, the shock of having to cook for her when she dropped her other brillant idea on me.  Seems she hired Tino Balducci.  Tino is well, let’s just say he’s not one of my favorite people. I had seen his number on the phone, but I was hoping that Chantal just knew him somehow.  No such luck.   Not only was I to work with him, but I was to call him if I got stuck, after all he’s so charming…excuse me while I gag.

Next time: Where are my towels?