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My maid duties started immediately.  Ollie left a master key for me in my room, along with a list of instructions.  Being a maid was going to require a lot more than picking up dirty towels and making beds.  Speaking of towels, I never got any.  I’m not sure why.  I picked up the guests towels, put them in the laundry bag and dumped it down the laundry shoot. Then the next morning the towels were pack in the rooms.  So who washes them, who puts them in the rooms and why didn’t I get  any?  

Anyway, back to my “maid” duties, my biggest duty was to keep the guests happy.  So far I hadn’t met the guests.  I only knew what I had learned about them when I was snooping,, I mean cleaning there rooms.  The first guest I met was Yanni, who wasn’t happy to see me.  Yanni was a Eastern European Champion Skier, who was in training.  He also had a ego the size of Texas and Alaska put together, with Canada added.  

The next guest or guests I met was Lou Talbot, a art major college student, and Bill Kessler, a Canadian.  They spent there mornings playing a game called fox and geese, (I’ll tell you more about that later).  They gave me my first job outside the lodge, and that was to clean off the skate pond.  

While I wasn’t happy to leave the nice warm lodge, I was happy that it provided me with a way to go outside without anyone being suspicious.  Before I went to pond, I decided to check out the bombsite.   I didn’t expect to find it being guarded by a ten year old, with one heck of a throwing arm.  This was Freddie, Ollie’s daughter or should I say the Snow Princess.  To make a long story short, I had to hit her with ten snowballs, which I did and then I was allowed to pass.  

At the bomb sight, I found very little, except for the melted face of an alarm clock.  I planned to go and clean off the pond but it was nearly lunch time, so I headed back inside. I wasn’t quite time to prepare lunch, and believe me I was staying out of that kitchen until I had to go in.  So I first called the Sheriff and learned the explosive used was C4.  Then I checked the computer and discovered the previous guests were erased.   I called Chantal to ask her about that and some more questions.  By the time I was finished with all that it was time to go cook lunch.

Next time:  Lunch, Skate Pond, and More Phone Calls