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Cooking lunch wasn’t that hard, everyone had a choice of hamburgers and or quesadialls.  The hardest part was remembering who wanted what on the burger.  Well that and not burning the quesas. 

After lunch I braved the cold and cleared off the skating pond, for Lou and Bill. I returned to the lodge to warm up and to tell them I was finished, only to find them gone.  I did meet another guest Lupe.  My first impression of Lupe was that she was a very proper person, and that she needed to get a life, because all she did was spend hours watching birds, but that was only my first impression. 

After meeting Lupe, I made some phone calls to the previous guests, well those that hadn’t been deleted from the computer.  I also called Sybil, I had found some crumpled up notes from an apparently obsessed ex to Sybil.  The phone calls didn’t really provide me with any clues to solving the mystery, and it was time to prepare dinner.