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After finishing all my jobs, I headed for Trapper Dan’s Needle.  Trapper Dan was this ok trapper, who built the lodge.  He was famous for his trapping skills, and had many friends.  He was what one might term a fur trading bootlegger.  He also had a  pet pig named Mary.  Why I’m telling you that I don’t know, but he did.  

At the needle, which looked more Egyptian than Canadian Rockies, I found the wolf footprints in the snow.  Now I know what you’re going to tell me,  I shouldn’t have followed those tracks.  Well I did.   I followed them to a place called chicken ridge.  Seriously that was the name.  

Before I could go future I heard a blast, and seconds later I was buried, under a couple hundred feet of snow.  Ok, maybe not that much, but I was buried.  I tried to remain calm, but being buried in snow isn’t exactly calming.  That’s when I heard a noise, something was digging around in the snow.  

Suddenly a hole appeared, which I thought was great, but then I had the wolf’s face staring at me and growling.  Before I could say or do anything the wolf was gone.  I pulled myself out and headed back to the lodge.  On the way I found out the source of the blast, someone was looking for fossils.

At the lodge, I reported the avalanche to the patrol, and then hurried down to the basement to give Ollie a message.  Well good ole Ollie, decided that solving this mystery wasn’t enough for me to do, so he sent me to check out another possible avalanche  sight.  I did, came back and reported it.  

I decided to go a check up on the other guests.  Bill and Lou were playing Fox and Geese as usual. They thanked me for clearing off the skating pond.  Lou beat Bill, five times.  However Lou wouldn’t take Bill up on his ice fishing challenge, so guess what , I had to go Ice fishing.

I walked out to the Lake, after a snowball fight with Freddie, I miss her.  She’s not here this winter, but that’s another story.  What I found was a nice heated ice fishing shack.  A nice ice fishing shack that some one had destroyed.  My only clue as to who done it was a scrap of paper with a phone number on it.