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I’ve never been totally certain what happened,   I opened the door to the fishing shack, saw a figure throwing a snowball (or what I thought was a snowball at me)  and heard an explosion.  The next thing I knew I was shivering (my coat was missing) and on an ice flow.  

That’s when I notices the wolf, or rather the wolf howled and got my attention. There was a coat, not mine but a coat on the bank.  So I had jumped from ice flow to ice flow until I got to the bank.  Not an easy task since the ice flows sunk at ransom, but I did it.  

After I put on the coat, I found a note in the pocket.  At first it looked like some kind of code, but then I realized that if it was folded a certain way the code became numbers.   

I realized I couldn’t go back to the lodge the way I came so I followed the wolf’s tracks.  They led me to a place where the snow was so thick I couldn’t go on with out snowshoes.  So I turned around and was immediately was happy to find Yuri’s ski tracks, which a quickly followed back to the lodge.