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Back at the lodge I called Chantal  about getting the snowshoes out of the case.  I had asked Lou if I could borrow his, and the answer was a flat out no.  Chantal’s answer was that I had to call Tino, and do this survey that would help me figure out who the culprit was.   (Rats, I was hoping to avoid, talking to Mr. I’m the only detective on the planet.)

Not that thrilled about the whole idea, I called Tino, reminding myself to “be nice” and praying that this little quiz of his was not too weird.  It was.   That night I had to put paprika in everyone’s food.  The next morning when I was making the beds I had to notice what side of the bed everyone slept on.  

The big problem of Lupe had left.  Ollie figured out that she was the one who had messed with his rifle and sent her packing.  Fortunately she left me her number to contact her.  

The last question on the list was the most ridiculous of all.  What planet do you most identify with.  I half way expected Yani to say Jupiter, but he didn’t.