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After finishing that some what juvenile survey, Tino gave me the combinations to the shoe shoes.  But not before he named just about every at the lodge as the one who was causing all the problems.  

The next morning after doing all my work, I layered up,  threw snowballs at Freddy and head to the area where I had last seen the wolf tracks.  Thanks to the snow shoes I was able to follow it to a cabin like building, which was good because I was on the edge of getting hypothermia.  

I entered the cabin but not before having to remove the lock.  The note I found in the coat pocket was the combination, thank goodness.  I warmed up and looked around the room.  I found a diary of the man who had lived there.  I say had because it looked as if no one had been there for a while.   

I heard a noise so I put the book down, and turned around to see the wolf, growling at me.  Fortunately the diary had told about her.  The wolf was named Isis and she was trained to obey commands.  I was grateful when she calmed down at the sound of her name.   

I continued to look around the cabin, taking a moment to glance over at Isis, who sat as if wondering what I was doing.  I found a indention in the wall of a bone.  The bone looked like the missing one at the lodge.  So back to the lodge I went, making a mental note to check on Isis and find out what happened to  her master.