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Plot: Nancy goes to Arizona for a vacation with Bess and George at the Uncle and Aunt’s ranch.  When she arrives she finds no Bess or George and no aunt or uncle.  It seems Uncle Ed has been bit by a rattle snake and is in the hospital.  Aunt Bet tells Nancy to get a horse and go riding all she wants.  Unfortunately the head wangler has other ideas, and with a phantom horse running around the countryside so does Nancy.

Secondary plot:  Dirk Valentine was an outlaw in the late 1800’s who fell in love with Frances Humber, but got  arrested and hung, by France’s father no less.

Characters:  Some of the characters I liked and some I didn’t.  I found Shorty to be annoying.  Mary was ok.  Dave I really liked, although I kept wondering why he spent all his time in front of the chicken pen, when Nancy had to repair it.  Tex, although he appeared to be tough, I felt that the tough guy was just an act.   The one thing I found to be the most annoying with Tex was his “riding test”.   Come on Tex, why do I have to ride around in circles while you ask me what tribe bred what kind of horse?

Chores:  The first time or two I didn’t like doing the chores.  Ok, I still don’t like doing them, but now that I know what to do each time I play the game I can get them done a lot faster.

Puzzles:  The puzzles in this game are pretty easy, and the more times you play the game the easier they get.   Here’s a tip, some puzzles can be skipped entirely.  For example the beaded purse, of all the times I’ve played this game, I’ve only done the beaded purse once or twice.  If you know Frances favorite flowers the flower puzzle will let you “win” even if you didn’t finish the other puzzles.

Ending: The ending was the hardest part.  It’s a maze and you have to know where you are going.  If you are having a problem, I suggest a walk through on this part, and that you print it out.   

Book connection:  This game is based on the revised version of the book of the same name.  The original book has a completely different story line and the aunt and uncle had different names.