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Plot:  Nancy arrives on Deception Island one of the San Juan Islands in Washington State, for some well deserved R and R.  But the vacation turns into a mystery from the very start.  Katie Firestone, Nancy’s host is a marine biologist who also does whale watching tours on her boat.  No sooner does Nancy arrive than they discover Katie’s boat has been sabotaged, and so begins the mystery.

As always there are multiple mysteries to solve here.  One is naturally Katie’s boat  Another is the strange messages found in bottles floating in the harbor,  and another would be the mysterious thefts that occurred in town.

Characters:  Jenna Deblin:  I liked Jenna.  She didn’t seem as stiff as some characters.  Here’s a tip,  When Nancy gets a choice between the clam chowder and a blueberry muffin,  choose the blueberry muffin the first time.  Then you’ll always get a choice of the two.  Well it did that for me.

Holt Scotto: Holt is a fisherman, born and bred, and is running for Harbor Master.  Holt may come off as gruff, but he obviously has everyone’s best interest in mine.

Andy Jason:  Andy, well Andy is not my favorite character.  The “Whale’s Rule” bit I found annoying.  And well let’s say I found him suspicious from the start.

Games, Puzzles and Chores:  There are “chores” in this game, but unlike other games where they have to be done over and over,  here you do them once and you’re done.   The puzzles are pretty easy, compared to some of the games.  To me the hardest part of the game was going from Katie’s boat to the island.  If you have the same problem I suggest using a walk through, for that part, or if you  keep getting lost in the underground caves.  (UHS hints is wonderful because it only tells you what you need to know).