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Plot: Nancy plans to visit a friend in Pennsylvania, who has just bought a house once own by a 20s gangster.  But when she arrives the friend isn’t there,  there is nothing to eat but bananas, there’s a strange man who likes to walk around at night making bird noises, and oh yea the house attacking, glowing yellow eyed dogs.


When the game opens, the phone rings and Nancy talks to Sally, who tells her to leave, but this is Nancy and of course she isn’t besides her car is blocked by a dead tree and it’s the middle of the night.    After the phone call ends there is a weird noise,  ignore it, got upstairs and and switch to day.

Day: Go around the cabin, pick up the water bottle,  go outside prime the pump but don’t fill the bucket.  Take the empty bucket to the dock and bail out the water in the boat.  Pick up the life vest and the screwdriver.  Try to start boat, open it up and discover the sparkplug is missing (very important step)   Then go to the shed, open the chest, take out the gas mask and hammer and nails.   Now go find the three boars (one is at the cemetery).   After that go back to the house and fix the rotten floor boards.   Take a look at the cabinet above the couch.  Click on the dogs, you’ll need sandpaper.  Now go up stairs and switch to night

Nightime:  Go outside (which door doesn’t matter).  Meet Red Knott who tells about Malone and his dogs, hear the dogs howling.  Say goodbye and get inside, and wait while the dogs attack the house. (this is the scariest part of the game).  After the attack is over go outside (don’t worry they only attack once) and go visit Red at his tree stand.  Ask him about a spark plug, get spark plug (after agreeing to do a favor) then go back to the cabin and sleep (switch to day)


One of the things you cannot avoid doing is having the ghost dogs attack the house, you can prolong it though.

You can’t ask Red for sandpaper until you talk to Emily, if you already know that Red has the sandpaper.


After you bail out the water from the boat, return the bucket to the pump and fill it up with water.  Do not pick it up, trust me you will A) Need it later B) Regret it if the bucket is in the inventory when you do need it.

Fun Fact: There really is a Moon Lake  in Pennsylvania.