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Emily aka Em:  Owns the local “Emporium” aka local convenience store.  She mainly sells, snack foods, canned drinks, and antiques.  Her methods of acquiring said antiques may or may not be ethical.  Em pretends to be a friends, but from my experience those are the ones to watch out for.

Red Knott:  Red is a retired .. ok what we don’t know, but we do know he was once a boy scout.  Red now spends his nights walking on other people’s property making noises that he claims a bird calls.  He probably spends his days sleeping, but with this strange bird, who knows.  

Jeff Ackers:  Jeff is the law in the area.  He’s actually the park ranger.  He loves giving out tickets for anything and everything.  It could be argued that the ticket he gives to Nancy is invalid since Sally’s house isn’t on park property, and technically he’s only responsible for park property.

Sally McDonald:  Sally is a photographer, who has recently become the proud owner of a run down cabin once owned by a 1920s mobster, complete with ghost dogs and a speakeasy in the basement. 

Vivian Burnett Whitmore: Vivian is Malone’s ex girl friend, who lives in Vegas.