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Dog Statue:  This “puzzle” is easy.  You do need sandpaper to get one little doggie moving, but that luckily unlike most of the games, you don’t have to do an additional puzzle to get it.   About this puzzle here is a quick tip, ignore the clock on the wall, you don’t need it.  Go to the cemetery and find the birth dates of the dogs, read the poem on the wall of the cabin and look at the walls of the cabin.  Now turn the dogs to face the wall representing his/her birth date symbol.  When done correctly a secret will be open.

Bugs:  Some bugs you can get in the day time, some you have to get at night.  Most bugs are in the forest, one is at the cemetery.  If you like me I always find myself turning around in circles trying to get that one. Oh and yea don’t worry the dogs only attack houses, and the only do that once, although you can hear them.  

Birds:  Try to find one bird, don’t worry if you can’t take the picture,   Go talk to Red (night) then Sally (Bug puzzle), Back to birds.  For the last bird you’ll have to talk to Red.

Fire puzzle:  To get out this one, you’ll have to spray, kick and catch on fire.  It makes more sense in the game.   Then go get the bucket of water to put it out.  If you didn’t keep the bucket of water at the pump then the game is pretty much over.  I did that the first time and  was never fast enough to put out the fire.  Also Nancy won’t keep a bucket full of water in her inventory.

Can Drink Puzzles:  Self explanatory and easy

Roman Numeral Puzzle:  Self explanatory, some what easy, but not my favorite.