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Currently my main Nancy Drew game is the Deadly Device.  I’ve only played TDD twice before.  Overall I like this game, even though Nancy is “stuck” in the same building the entire game.  However I think the improvement in graphics makes up for it.   This game also got me interested in Tesla, and it does have steam punk element, which I love.

There is a part of the game where Nancy sets her alarm,  and goes to bed.  Well I think she goes to bed.   There is a banging noise outside the sleeping area, and all she does is ask if anyone is there while staring at the lockers.   Of course when she opens the door (the game lets you open the door) no one is there.   Just before you go into the sleeping area there is a sign about stress and banging head.  I think that banging was Mason, because he realized Nancy had beaten his high score on Aggression.