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I can’t decide if I like this game or not.  On one hand Nancy spends her time stuck in the same building throughout the entire game.  On the other there are a lot of plot twists.   It’s more or less a game that I like but can’t explain why.   

So what do I like about it:  Hmm…there is a secret room,  a game that if I get tired of playing the “Game” I can go play.  There is a variety of puzzles, some hard, and some easy.  The culprit was a surprise (well the first time I played the game). The graphics are better.  Phone charms, need I say more.

What I don’t like:  You can’t fast forward over lengthy conversations.  Ned’s texting,  sorry Ned fans but I find him or rather his text messages annoying.  You can’t get a good look at certain areas of the building, but then again that’s one of my pet peeves in nearly every game.  

Ok, most games where Nancy is stuck in the same building (ahem  “The Final Scene”) I find to be rather boring.  But this one,  may it’s the graphics and the each room/area of the building has a different feel to it.   The room don’t all have the same colors, and decor, there is a difference.

so my overall score  somewhere between a B+ and a  A-