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Yes folks I finally finished playing Ghosts of Blackmoor Manor.  I don’t hate it quite is much as I did.  The game gets easier each time I play it.  I finally figured out the moving rooms.  Just get in the room that moves around, open and close the non devil door but don’t exit room until you are in front of angel room door, open devil door and go in.

The puzzle over Jane’s door does have a quick method to solving it.  Make puzzle appear and back away, about 10 times and then you can solve it in about five moves.  One of the walkthough (UHS hints I think) tells how to finish it.  So that one isn’t as hard as people think.

What I like about the game.   Jane’s room, which I said before.  The parrot Lulu, although I prefer the one in Ransom of the Seven Ships, this is mostly because the parrot in that one isn’t in a cave.   Playing some of Jane’s games, note I said some.  Going down the slide and the ghost hunt.

What I don’t like:  Hmm, Nancy is “stuck” inside the Manor the entire game.  The game is supposed to be in England, but there isn’t enough English culture in it.  I know you can order the food in cockney, and it takes place in an English Manor, but there really isn’t much English culture in it.   Umm tea time anyone?

I have noticed that there isn’t a loo, (bathroom or restroom) anywhere in the castle.  Also what’s up with Ethel and where does she sleep, if she and Jane are doing weird rituals in the middle of the night.

Anyway I’ve finally finished playing all of the games.