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Now that I’ve finished Blackmoor Manor, I’ve decided that it and Captive Curse are my two least favorites of all the games.  Don’t get me wrong I like parts of them. Nancy’s “room” for example in both games.  In Captive Curse, I actually liked playing Raid.  In fact I wish it was a real  board game.

Overall I found the plot lacking.  There’s a monster terrifying everyone living in this castle.  The “mayor” of the castle spends all his time playing with “dolls”,  there’s a strange woman who sits in a chair in the corner of an almost empty room, which btw doesn’t seem to get  used.   The only two “normal” people in the game are Anja who runs the gift shop and this Lucas who plays practical jokes on everyone.  However if these games have taught me anything, everyone is a suspect, and I mean everyone.  Of course there are those phone friends,  Marcus who is the owner of the castle. the Hardy Boys, and Ned.  But unfortunately good ole Ned is back in the states, pouting because Nancy is off chasing Frankenstein’s long lost cousin in Germany.

There was more “culture” in this games that Blackmoor Manor, but the fact that the whole game took place in one night was a bit unrealistic.  At least in BMM, Nancy could sleep and go from night to day, although it didn’t really matter since she never went outside.

The one thing I probably hate most about this game in getting around the castle.  After about the second time playing BMM, I figured out how to get around the manor, not so for this game.

Anyway that’s my “review” of Captive Curse, next I’ll be playing Haunting of Castle Malloy, which I sort of like, I’m not looking forward to sheep herding.