Just watched the trailer for Shattered Medallion.  It looks really good.  We finally get to meet Sonny Joon, who is as mysterious and strange as we all thought he was.

Here are some of my thoughts: (or what Nancy really is thinking)

Sonny: “Your life is dangerous now?”

Nancy: “Really? And what do you call nearly freezing to death, getting hit by an elevator, going the wrong way in a mine tunnel,  disregarding channel markers, suffocating to death while being trapped with a mummy or too,  and getting blown up because you put the screws in the wrong place?  A trip to the beach?


Sonny: “Whatever you do, don’t read my papers”

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Sonny Joon

Nancy: Thinking to herself: “Too late, I’ve been reading your papers for years.”


Overall I think the game looks like it will be great.