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Parisian Map from Nancy Drew Danger By Design

Parisian Map from Nancy Drew Danger By Design

I haven’t done an update for my Nancy Drew Marathon.  I’m playing the games in abc order, or trying to.  I started playing Creature of Kapu Cave.  I was really proud of myself, because I hadn’t had to look at my notes or use a walkthrough.   Anyway I got up to the part where Nancy is “dialing” the radio to talk to Quigly and the game suddenly started freezing.  So (after about 3 tries) I decided to go on the  Danger By Design.

Danger By Design is one of those games, that I don’t “hate/dislike” but it’s not one of my favorites.   But it would be nice if you could really develop film by flushing the toilet.  I do like that there is a lot of Paris culture, and that it’s not the sterotypical Eiffel Tower Tourist culture.

I would say that I’m probably the only one who has ever done this but I’m pretty sure I’m not.  I made chocolate chip cookies using the game recipe.  I used the fresh mint, but the edges didn’t curl up.  I don’t know if that’s just something in the game,  or if they are really supposed to curl up.

As soon as I’m finished playing Danger by Design, it’s on to Deception Island.