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Currently I’m playing Nancy Drew The Deadly Device.   According to my reasons for disliking other games, I shouldn’t like this one, after all Nancy never leaves the building.  But I do.   Maybe it’s because the graphics are better, or because each area/room has a different feel or vibe to it.  I do find it interesting that Nancy is a total klutz in the dark.  Funny thing about that is I can see where she’s going, but apparently she can’t.

I have three favorite “parts” of the game so far.

1) The Dancing Pigeon in the Nikko’s office.   Oh, I’d like to thank Michael Gray aka Arglefrumph  for his dancing pigeon song, because now it’s stuck in my head and probably will be for the rest of the game. Thank you Michael!

dancing pigeon


2) Messing up Mason’s desk.



3) The funny things that Nancy says while she’s in the bathroom.