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Just finished playing Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.  This didn’t start out being one of my favorites but now it is.  I discovered that it is possible to play the entire game and not have the emergency brake thrown.   I didn’t have that much trouble with the puzzles in the game although it did take me several tries to win the one with Tino.  Speaking of Tino, he’s one of those characters that I love to hate.   Strange as it may sound I found Charlena more annoying than him.

I have one question about this game.  When the train is stopped why does Nancy insist on going from car to car before she gets off, to go the crypt or museum.  The train isn’t moving.   It takes up a lot of time.

Fun fact

This game takes place in the most places of any Nancy Drew game.  It starts in Illinois (Chicago) travels through Iowa, Nebraska before arriving in Colorado.  The the train travels through Utah to Nevada.   Six states in all.

last train maplast train My reward was the Hello Dolly, for rearranging the dolls.