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Well the latest came is officially out, well it is you get it download.  Everyone else will just have to wait a few days for their copy to arrive.  Um, no I haven’t played it yet,  but it is downloading.  About my challenge to play all the games (in abc order) before the new one came out…. well I didn’t quit make it,  I got to Trail of the Twister.  Most games I could probably “sail” right through, except for a few things.   Sewing the dress in  Secret of the Old Clock, (which is bad enough on Junior mode, but horrible on Senior mode.) Sailing around to find the islands and then diving, and searching to find the chest, and keeping your metal detector on the spot in Ransom of the Seven Ships ( oh and don’t get me started on the monkey’s.).. then there’s…. OK I’d better stop before I start channeling Quigly.