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I just finished reading the book “Message in a Hollow Oak.”   It’s the 1935 edition, not the redo version.  I prefer the original “25 chapter” books.   Even though there is no game based on this book, it did remind me of two games.  1) Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, where Nancy takes a train trip and meets an author,  which are two things Nancy does in this book.   There is also the mention of gold in both the game and the book. 2) White Wolf of Icicle Creek, because both take place in Canada (well the book partly does).

The only game I’ve played of late is Shadow Ranch.  I haven’t been in the mood to really play the games.  The last game was a bit of a disappointment.   Sonny was more “normal” than I had expected.   The most interesting character in the game (to me) was Bess who was acted very odd the entire game.   I kept thinking wait this is the same girl who got kidnapped in the Bahamas and was calm about it?

Oh well more later…..

hollow oak