Warnings at Waverly was one of those games that I didn’t think I would like all that much, but I’m slowly beginning to enjoy it. Unlike most of the other games it doesn’t take place in a specific city/country, all the player knows is that it takes place in upstate New York. So far Warnings at Waverly and Stay Tuned to Danger are the only two games that totally take place in the same state. The other games that even come close would be Last Train and Alibi in Ashes. Because LT begins in Chicago, IL and River Heights (according to some) is in Ill.

Right now I am calling this the mystery of the missing. Key: why don’t I have any in my inventory. RA Paige: How did this girl get to be RA, all she does is stay in her room and yell if you knock on her door. And yet she gives out demerits and rewards. How?