Well I just finished playing Warning at Waverly. The game kept freezing up on me.  This is a game I think I can learn to like.  Now I have to figure out which one I want to play now.   Here are my choices.  Trail of Twister (after all I did leave Nancy trying to fix Frosty’s camera in that one),  Deadly Device,  or Haunted Carousel.  Haunted Carousel is ok, but personally the game needs a serious update.  I really need to get my other games back.

Also: In the future I’m going to try to post all my ND polyvore sets to this blog.  Please be aware that my Non ND’s will probably show up here from time to time.  I noticed that I didn’t do a lot of sets related to the Shattered Medallion.  I don’t hate the game, but it doesn’t inspire me.  Maybe that’s the game I should play.