Nancy Drew will be out of the office for the next week or two.  Her best friend Bess won a trip to the Bahamas, and Nancy and George are joining her.  The resort sounds really great, remote but great.  You can go diving with sharks, play games with monkeys, go rock climbing, ride around in a golf cart, or go sailing.  Sounds like a great place, an we all know that Miss Drew is in desperate need of a vacation.  There is only one thing that bothers me, this whole thing was because Bess won a vacation, a vacation that she didn’t remember entering.  Let’s just hope that Bess was just being a bit scatterbrained as usual and the contest was legit.

Arrived on Dread Isle 

No sooner had the float plane landed and I had gotten off when I saw George running toward me.  At first I thought she was so excited to see me, but she ran past me and started trying to signal the plane, I knew something was wrong.   Where was Bess? I thought.   Bess had been kidnapped!

Bess had went for a walk on the beach the night before to watch the sunset and had never returned.  The next morning George found a note and a map, which didn’t make sense.  So now as soon as I get the golf cart fixed I’m going to go look for her.