After several attempts and a few small fires, I managed to get the golf cart working and started off to look for Bess.  My first stop was Sangre Beach because that was where Bess was last scene, but  first I made a short stop at Shark Cove to dig for whatever the  kidnappers wanted me to find. 

After walking around in what seemed to be circles I finally was able to dig up an old wooden box.  Unfortunately no treasure was inside but I did find a diary.  I glanced at it quickly and then realized that parts of it were in code.  I decided to wait until I got back to the resort to decode it.  

I arrived at Sangre Beach to look for Bess.  I found her sandal, the green ones with the daisy from a small boutique.  The ones that she had talked about for at least two weeks.  Anyway as I was about to pick it up, suddenly I was the one being picked up.  Literally in a net off the ground.  

It seems I had invaded the camp of this beach bum named Johnny Rolle.  He’s from Jamaica, or so he says.  He said he didn’t see anything which could be true.  Still there is something vaguely familiar about him.  I can’t put my finger on it.  

After talking to JR I decided to keep searching for Bess.Johnny R

Suspect Number1: Johnny Rolle Beach Bum from Jamacia