After taking to my number one suspect,  O K my only suspect I started back looking for Bess.  I searched the Blue Hole (at I think that was what it was called) but no luck.  Well I did discover a big “rock” with pulleys and one of the pully’s was missing.  It has been stolen by a monkey with an extra toe.  Well my plan was to drive around to where the monkey’s were and see if I couldn’t get the pully back.  Notice I said that was my plan.  Instead I took the road that led straight back to the resort.  

Well I was got and tired so I decided to rest a bit and look around the resort.  George was still muttering what seem like a cross between obscenities and gibberish to her cell phone.  I just ignored her, and looked around.

I found out two things.  The resort has a parrot named Coucou, who loves and I mean loves fruit.  I also discovered the bat detector, (what no batphone?) didn’t work.  It had been taken apart and plus the battery was missing.

I asked George if she had a battery.  She didn’t (why didn’t the kidnapper grab her instead of Bess).  After updated her on Johnny, I headed back to ask Johnny for a battery.  The good new was he had one, the bad one was he wanted me to find his beacon for him.