I finally made it to the Dread Isle Primate Behavioral Research Center, aka The Laughing Monkey’s.  The monkeys like to play a variety of games.  You had three games to choose from.  I played two of the games and won the missing compass, a medallion thing, and a guava.  If you don’t win, all the monkeys laugh at you.  It is totally humiliating.  There was one monkey whose game I didn’t play, after getting laughed at I wasn’t in the mood.  So I headed to the Blue Hole.

At the Blue Hole I fixed the pulley and after a lot of trial and error,  I was able to find another medallion. Then it was back to the resort.

Back at the resort, I noticed the diving supplies closet.  Ok I had noticed it before, but at the time George and Coucou were having a shouting match.  Well George was yelling at her phone, and Coucou was yelling at George.  

Anyway I noticed the lock on the door looked pretty complicated so I decided to decode the journal from the beach instead.  I found a comfy seat out side and started decoding.  I learned at lot about El Toro.  He was actually a privateer not a pirate.  All seven of the ships were either damaged or destroyed during a hurricane.  Each of the ship’s crew hid something (the medallions) on the island which would lead to the El Toro’s treasure.  So now all I had to do was find the other 3 medallions. 

After lunch I’m going diving.. I hope