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After lunch, or should I say a piece of fruit and some water. I took the sail boat out where the wreckage was according to the diary. It took a while to find what I was looking for. I kept finding barrels of fuel. Some one please tell me what are barrels of fuel doing in a 16th/17th century shipwreck?

Anyway to make a long story short I managed to find the chest, which unfortunately had a lock on it. El Toro and his men didn’t mess around. But I managed to get open and find the astrolabe, another medallion and make it back to the surface before my oxygen ran out. And do mean I cut it close.

Sailing back to the resort I found two more bottles, and nearly got capsized by a whale. Very close call.

When I returned to the resort, I noticed something was different George was no longer yelling, even from a distance she seemed nervous. I was about to walk inside when I noticed a note on a post. Frowning I read it. They were watching me. I quickly filled George in that someone else was on the island besides us and JR (who was still my number one suspect). George agreed and told me she had heard people walking around outside, but when she went to look no one was there.

All I knew was that I was heading to where the bats were.