Ok, detective Drew time to get it together.  

I took another look at the diary, and realized that I would need a pole to put the astrolabe, and guess how had one.  Coucou. Coucou is very opinionated and loud.  Just like his grandmother.


First he wanted a new perch, but not just any new perch,  one of driftwood.  So I went to the beach and got a piece.  No, that’s not what he wanted, so I had to go back and back again.  But I managed to finally get one that satisfied him.


So it was back to bat steepe,  to climb (ouch!) to the top, give the monkey’s their ball and set up the astrolabe.  Locating two new island I started my descent, but not before looking for the bats.  After all that was the real reason I came to the place in the first place