When I found out that Bess had won a trip to the Bahamas I was very excited. Lying on a beach with pink sand, PINK SAND!, going sailing, diving on ship wrecks, getting close (but not to close) with sharks, and drinking those fruity drinks while watching the sunset with my two besties.


That was my plan, instead I am now looking for one of those friends. I have been laughed at by monkeys, nearly ran out of oxygen in my dive tank, and gotten attacked by jelly fish. Plus I have also had monkey’s throw rocks at me, met a beach bum who is gives me the creeps, and a parrot who likes to yell obscenities, especially at George, who in turn yells obscenities at her phone. Great vacation Nance.

I located the cave the bats were in, nothing special. Well there was a “button” with a Mayan symbol, and of course I press it. Next thing I know, TRAPPED!!!

bats in a cave
OK Drew, don’t panic, you have the walkie talkie you can call George. Great called George, she’s on her way. No, no, no…that’s when I realized that I had the only working golf cart on the island. Bess’s is at Sangria Beach. Which means that George is going to have to walk/run.

While I was waiting for George I did some exploring of the cave. Happily I found the other medallion.