I sailed to dove island.  This beach would be a great place for a picnic.  



But I’m not here to have a picnic.  I’m here to find a treasure and therefore find Bess.   Speaking of finding things, I found that I would need to know the date of that a ship sank.sundail


 I was about to sail  back to the resort, when I realize that George could find out for me.  I knew where to look.  It was on a coin that I had seen in the shed at the resort.  

I “called” George on the walkie talkie and was about to tell her what I wanted, when I saw something  at the resort that didn’t look right.  I told George to go outside and check.  Turns out the monkeys had destroyed the shed, and what was worse they had stolen the coin.   So now here I am waiting for George to go play one of the games to win it back.