Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been trying to focus on finding Bess. After George, radioed me with the date, I opened the “well” and found a token and something about seven virtues. Then back to the resort I sailed to go play in the sand. I’m joking of course but I did have go dig in the sand to find an object or rather objects that I was going to need. Most of them was tokens, and a thing to put the tokens on. The tokens formed an owl when layered and opened to reveal another dial.

Then I sailed to Half Moon Reef, and dove in, and swam down to the bottom. After my last encounter with the jelly fish, I knew I wanted to avoid them, which I did only to nearly get attacked by an octopus or was it a squid? All I know was that it have long arms/tentacles.

After I got rid of it (no I did not kill it, don’t even think that), I found another puzzle. It was one of those tooth pick moving puzzles, we had to do in school in 8th grade. Anyway the end result was another dial.

Back at the resort I checked my notes and learned that I needed to go diving at the Blue Hole. So I filled up my tank and headed there, and diving in I soon discovered that I needed a flashlight/torch. N