Dear Diary,



Sometimes I don’t understand people.  Our host has disappeared, and while I am not the only one who is “looking” for her, I am the only one who is LOOKING for her.  Joe, Frank and Tino all seem to think she can be located by reading a book.  John Grey is more concerned with locating Camille’s (Jake Hurley’s wife) ghost, and Charleena is only concerned with meeting her deadline.  It has been my past experiences that sitting a reading are great but actions get better results.



Tino, who is full of hot air (I’m really being nice.) gave me a slug that he says is worthless.  But I’m not so sure.  I found another one in Camille’s car.   So now I’m going to find out if they have anything to do with that scale I found.  It’s built into the wall, right next to a door, that is locked.  Here’s to hoping it can be opened.