Dear Diary,

Greeting from Copper Gorge Colorado.  I always thought that River Heights was a small town, but nope, not even close.  Cooper Gorge consists of a cafe, a museum/taffy shop, and a grave yard.  The museum/taffy shop is very interesting, or should I say the owner Fatima is interesting.  I would describe her but I have no idea what she looks like.  She wears this old gigantic miner costume, so I never see her face.  I do know this about her is that she’s a big Charleena Purcell fan.  I had to go get Charleena’s autograph (long story there), in order to get to look in an old trunk.




Speaking of not being able to see a person face, the same applies to the caretaker at the cemetery.  Cooper Gorge cemetery is where Camille Hurley is buried.  Let’ just say that Jake really loved his wife.  Not quite the Taj Mahal but he loved her just the same.  Anyway the caretaker nearly scared the bejeebies out me when I went to visit her grave.  NEVER EVER sneak up on someone in a graveyard. 



Right now I’m ready for lunch (or is it breakfast).  Anyway the owner of the cafe talked Frank Hardy into being a short order cook. So there is no way I’m passing up the opportunity to see this.