Dear Diary,

I much as I hate to admit it Frank Hardy isn’t a bad cook, well at least when it come to hamburgers.  Unfortunately I had to eat and run.  I had promised Fatima that I would help her out and make some more taffy.  I often wonder how I get my self into these fixes, having to do odd jobs for everyone.  But oh well it was for a good cause.  taffy

My timing for leaving the cafe could have been better.  No sooner than I had left than the great great (you get the idea) grandson of Jake Hurley’s engineer came in.  Thankfully Frank is a detective and paid attention.  It wasn’t easy though, the man very easily got off the subject.  The subject being Jake Hurley.  But Frank discovered that just ringing the bell made him talk about old Jake.  

bellRight now I’m sitting in Jake’s workroom, waiting for the others to come back.  Tino claims to know where Jake’s mine is, and he drug Lori and John off with him. I hate to break the news to him,  (OK Ok, I will relish breaking the news to him), that the mine is in Brimestone Canyon.  How do I know this?  Well let’s just say I’ve been hanging out in Jake’s workshop a lot during this trip.