Dear Diary,
This has been one interesting case. After the train dropped me off, it left without me. I wasn’t worried because I knew Frank and Joe would make sure they came back for me. Anyway, after locating the mine, and wandering through the caves. I found Jake well that is to say I found his skeleton. But I also found something else the real reason Lori wanted to find his mine, and gold had nothing to do with it.

It seems that Jake had this gift for making friends, and I mean making friends. On his skeleton, I found a picture of Camille. That I wasn’t surprised at because it didn’t take a genius to figure out how infatuated he was with her. But it was the piece of paper underneath that was a shock. It was a letter from Abe Lincoln, you know 16th President of the US. That in its self was huge, but then I looked at the date and realized when he wrote it. The very night he was assassinated. Which meant it was probably the last thing Lincoln ever wrote, which meant it was worth a fortune.

Unfortunately Lori, had caught up with me. Let’s just say the whole I’m dumb as a truck load of bricks act that Lori does, is just that an act. Well to make a long story short, Lori caused (purposely I might add) a cave in, trapping me inside. But I managed to get out riding in a Mine car. Now that was fun.

Lori was walking back to the train, when I (in my mine car) came flying up behind her. I tried not to laugh at her sitting their in her designer clothes covered in mud.

After her father found out what she had done, ie trying to kill me, he cut her off completely, well her credit cards. I must say this had been an interesting adventure. Oh I’ve got to go John Gray, Tino, and Charleena are having one major of an argument!