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If you’re like me, there are some Nancy Drew games that you simply get in the mood to play from time to time.  White of Icicle Creek is my cold weather winter game.  My plan last winter was to not to play it until one of those  days when everyone was snowed in.  Yeah right,  it seems that everyone else in this country (baring Southern California, Miami, and Hawaii,)  spent most of last winter snowed in, or  in blizzard like weather.  Unfortunately (or fortunately if you will)  I seemed to live in the one area of the country that got very little snow.  Yeah it snowed 1 ONE Day, wow!   

So now here I am, it’s August and it’s 100 heat index hot, and what do I want to play… you guest it “White Wolf of Icicle Creek”.  This isn’t my favorite over all game, just my favorite winter game.  I was watching an Arglefrumph Youtube

video,  Here’s the link :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIOQKk9JgrA

fox foxgeese


where he said that (in his opinion) the fox and geese game in White Wolf, was the worst puzzle.  I have to agree with him.  Unlike the Sudoku, nonograms, etc,  in Shadow at the Water’s Edge you can’t look up the answer/shortcut in UHS hints or any other walkthrough.  Nope you just play until you finally win.  Sorry guys but the glitch that was used in the sauna puzzle would have been better served if it was in the fox and geese game.

Anyway, I’m not playing White Wolf of Icicle Creek……not right now….no I’m not …no….No….No!!!!

Seriously y’all/guys I’m playing Warnings at Waverly, but that’s for another blog.