I just finished my Nancy Drew Inspired Back to School Polyvore Sets.  With each set I tried to think of something “school” related to go with the game theme of the set.  Some were harder than others.  


 September is my birthday month and since there are currently 30 games (not including the one that hasn’t been released), so my plan is do a set each day for the month.  I will start with my least favorite games and work my way up to my favorites.  But please be aware they still won’t be in exact order, because I change my opinions about the games about every time I play them.

Speaking of games, I’ve got to get back to playing Warnings at Waverly.  I guess I can thank the 2nd issue of the comic “Grayson” for making me want to play the game again.  


You’re probably asking why? Well there’s a private girls school in the comic and Waverly Academy… OK,,,,,,you get the picture.