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I’m still playing Labyrinth of Lies, but so far my thoughts on it are.   The underworld part is pretty cool, (especially the fire room). and it’s a new element of the game.  I like the “costumes” the characters are wearing.  There is a lot of information about Ancient Greece in the game.  There are some new types of puzzles to figure out.

LOL  also reminds me of several of the older Nancy Drew Games.

1) Secret of the Scarlet Hand:  Both take place in a museum.  However LOL makes more sense to me that SSH, because unlike the latter, which takes place in a Washington D.C. museum that specializes in Mayan artifacts,  the museum in LOL is a Ancient Greek museum that is in Greece.

2) The Final Scene:  Nancy is sort of stuck there.  She can’t leave, and travel to other places.

3) Tomb of the Lost Queen:  Ancient artifacts except this LOL is about Greek ones and not Egyptian.  And there is that weight puzzle too.