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Aaahhh!! I finally gave in an started playing “White Wolf of Icicle Creek.” I try to wait until the weather gets cold or a little chilly before I play this game.  But then I remember that I live in the South, where we’re “lucky” to get any snow at all.  Some times the weather is so warm at Christmas time that I wonder if I some how magically moved to Australia and didn’t know it.  (Break out the Vegemite and the Tim Tams..)  Oh well back to Icicle Creek Lodge.


While I hate playing fox and geese and doing all the cooking/cleaning/chores that Nancy has to do, I would love to some how visit the lodge for real and just explore it.   I know I’m not the only Nancy Drew game player, who hates it when there are certain areas that no matter what you do you can’t explore.


Oh is it just me, or does anyone else think the “pine cones” look strange in this game?


While you can’t visit the Icicle Creek Lodge in the game you can visit the real Icicle Creek Lodge.  It’s  not located in British Columbia, Canada, but in the USA. Here is the link to the website.