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Dear Diary,

Here I am solving another mystery at Icicle Creek Lodge.  I know I haven’t written in a while but I have been super busy.  So far I’ve cooked all the meals, shoveled ice off the skating pond, got bombarded by snowballs, cleaned rooms, got caught in an avalanche, got rescued by a wolf, and that was just the first day.


The second day I had to go ice fishing, to please one of the guests, who think I’m the maid and the cook.  Apparently so does the owner of the lodge, Chantal.   Chantal asked me to come here and solve the mystery of who was sabotaging the lodge.  Then she turns around an hires (i .e. she’s paying him) Tino Balducci.  You can probably tell that Tino is not my favorite person…ok he’s one of my not so favorite people.

Anyway I went ice fishing caught the fish I needed, after I caught boots, cans and had a sturgeon bite my line.   Then I opened the door, and wham, knocked out by an ice ball.  Then boom, loud explosion, no lake and no coat.


To make a long story short I had to jump from ice flow to ice flow to get to shore, where there was a jacket, the wolf had left there for me.  Then I had to take the long way around to get back to the lodge.  When I got there Ollie (the caretaker) told me to pick up the phone.  It was Chantal telling me that it was my job to cook lunch, and that I should go sit in the kitchen until dinner so I don’t forget again.

Um, Chantal,  First you said to keep the guest happy.  I was doing that.  Second, I nearly got blown up, when someone blew up the ice fishing shack.  Third I nearly froze to death trying to get off the pond…….Oooh I’m so mad right now