Dear Diary,

Today has been very busy.  I started off the morning meeting everyone who works at the park. Harlan is the security guard.  He seems hesitant when talking about his past jobs.  Joy is the book keeper.  She doesn’t exactly live up to her name.  Ingrid is the chief engineer who has more money than she should.  Last but not least is the resident artist Elliot, who is way behind on his work.

08_CAR_Screen06 imagesmiles

This has been my morning so far, more or less.  I nearly got trampled when someone started the carousel, I was underneath it at the time, not fun.  My foot got caught in the track in the roller-coaster loading house, after I shocked myself a few times fixing the card reader.  Which was interesting since there was not supposed to be an power to the grid at the time.  Then when I was snooping, I mean leaving Joy a note to call Elliot, this talking Easybake oven scared the ..well you know, out of me!  So far this has been a very interesting, head shaking case.


PS: Remind me not to let Hannah pack my suit case, next time.  She packed those mom jeans I hate.